And Jesus said to him, “What do you want me to do for you?

Mark 10:51

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We invite you to pray for the following intentions:


  • O Virgin Mary, grant my family the grace of conversion during this lent 2023, thank you God's will be done


  • Financial


  • Please, pray for my son Ashley to be healed from depression. He is involved in a forced relationship with diabolic issues involved from the opposite-sex partner which has alienated my son from my family. Please pray for, Ashley to open his eyes and see the diabolic relationship, and activities he is entangled in and be released from the destruction of witchcraft manipulation domination which is bringing confusion and depression episodes in him.


  • Please pray for my health as I have a tumor in my lung. May God bless you all


  • for my brother who is mentally in terrible distress.


  • Pray for me, I am experiencing a severe state of anxiety. Thank you very much.


  • Pray for my brother Jacques who is hostile to Christianity and also is not in good health.


  • Please pray for my brother Dragan him for gola a healing, him for good a job, him for a good financial blessing ...
    Please pray for my brother Dragan he would like to w.o.t.e.j.p.a.s.a. ...
    Thanks ...
    God bless you ...


  • Healing for Julie Gillies.
    For Michael Baldrey's back. For the Baldrey/Hutchinson/Turner/Blackall families. For all those who need the most prayer at this time.
    Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us.


  • Litany of Prayer Intentions:

    1. That the Religious Community, Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary (MIC) be always blessed with profound and enduring holiness, purity, and faithfulness, so this Religious Congregation and all the members always be Christ's Light in the world, and may the Lord gift this community with increased numbers and merit, and that it be one of His sparks of His Divine Mercy, so God’s message of Love and Mercy reaches many people and brings many people to conversion and back to Jesus, and so that many people be saved.

    2. That the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy in Stockbridge, Massachusetts USA, be graced to be a place of conversion and healing and may all those that live here, work here and visit here, and even those that pray for us or watch videos or livestream Masses be given unfailing and ongoing fortitude, faith, hope, charity, and conversion, and all of us also receive now and always the Seal of God, so all of us be marked for the Heavenly Kingdom, and be brought to heaven one day and may all of us through Mother Mary also bring many to Heaven with us too, so that the devil be emptyhanded. May the National Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche and many other Catholic Shrines receive similar and powerful graces too.

    3. That Annie, through the intercession of Saint Stanislaus Papczyński, gets pregnant very soon and goes to term, and gives a very healthy birth.

    4. For the end of the Covid virus and other viruses and planned pandemics, and for the end of impurity, immorality and corruption within the Church and the whole world, so that Christ's Peace, and Joy, and Light reign in the world, Church, and all peoples’ hearts.

    5. That I be graced with a double portion of Saints Martin de Porres’, Therese of Lisieux’s, and Padre Pio’s spirit, and that I be blessed now and always to be one of Saint Therese of Lisieux’s little souls, so that I be among her little army of souls, and graced with predestination, and be also graced to bring many other souls to heaven with me one day.

    6. For the complete healing of Maureen Amirault, Linda Kratka, Caroline Marie Gavin, and Mario Costanza, and for all their spiritual and temporal needs.

    7. That Brother Alexander Chung, MIC be graced, now, forever, and always, with the gifts of a mystical Immaculate conception, Incarnation, Consecration to and Union with Mother Mary, Seal of The Living God, Living In The Divine Will, so to be always knowing and acting in and accomplishing the Will of God, and Eunuch, so that he always is perfectly and invincibly chaste, and that he be always very compassionate and very passionate, yet never to be sexually aroused, and may all these gifts be unfailing, perfect, everlasting and eternal, continually increasing, and in ceaseless ongoing perpetuity, now, forever, and always. May Brother Alexander Chung, MIC also now, forever, and always, continue to grow in faith, hope, charity, trust, peace, humility, prudence, zeal, fortitude, honesty, longsuffering, joy, gentleness, simplicity, patience, clarity, succinctness, firmness and steadfastness, perseverance, and in holiness, and may he persevere to the end, and always be Jesus' Light for others, so by God's Graces and Mercy, he brings many with him to heaven one.

    8. For the end of the culture of death, so that the culture of life powerfully flourish in the world, that planned parenthood be miraculously transformed to become and remain a very powerful, abundant, and growing institute of life for the Roman Catholic Church, and for the purity and sanctity of sacramental marriage, the Church, all mankind, and the world.

    9. In honor of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face Martin, we pray that in heaven she now and always receives more graces, so that she may continue to shower more flowers and more powerful graces upon the Church, the world, and on all people now and always, and may those graces and flowers always have more powerful effects on the Church, the world, and on all of us.

    10. That many more people consecrate themselves to the Blessed Virgin Mary and that all who are consecrated to Mother Mary be graced with final perseverance and be saved, and brought to heaven, and that the consecrated become Jesus’ perpetual and unfailing light, so that Satan be rebuked from the face of the earth, so all people convert and be brought to heaven too.

    11. For all the souls in purgatory, the salvation of all the dying, and the conversions of all people, and for the repose of the souls of Dorothy A. Tudjan, Rachael Sydney Schopp, Vincent Chung, Inez Chung, Franz Bydlinski, Deborah Binder, Marc Massery, Christina Maria Barone, Christopher Eric Hitchens, Amelia of Fatima, Rudolf Höss, Henry Morgentaler, Mother Mary Angelica of the Annunciation, PCPA, Brother Donald Schaefer, MIC, Fathers George Kosicki, CSB, Joseph Kane, OMI, Fernando Suarez, Benedict Groeschel, CFR, Michael Scanlan, TOR, Seraphim Michalenko, MIC, Larry Dunn, MIC, Kevin Scallon, CM, Peter Rookey, OSM, Walter Gurgul, MIC, Joseph Whalen, MS, Casimir Krzyzanowski, MIC, and Bob Bedard, CC.

    12. That Brother Alexander Chung, MIC be a very good listener and communicator, that he becomes and remains a very good, holy, and faithful priest with his Marian community, and that his ordination day be September 23rd, 2023.

    13. That I be graced to have a lifelong, and a very healthy, faithful, good, pure, innocent, chaste, joyful, holy, and loving Christian friendship with Linda Kratka, and that Linda Kratka will find a very affordable, inexpensive, and spacious home very soon, which has several good sized rooms, and that this home will be a place for Jesus, the Holy Family, and all of heaven.

    14. For all of Maria English's spiritual and temporal needs, for the salvation of Maria and her entire family line, past, present, and future, and for many special blessings and graces for all the people Maria prays for, especially their salvation.

    15. That all Baptized Christians be powerfully graced to live a very holy, faithful, pure, virtuous, and loving life, and that they be also graced to be Jesus’ Light for all peoples, so all people convert and so the devil be left empty handled.

    Thank you and God bless you abundantly
    To Jesus through Mother Mary always


  • Voor een relatie met mijn huisgenootje Khv zodat wij meer dingen gaan samen doen, gerust gelaten worden door onze stalkers / belagers ( vooral J.c. ) en dat mijn huisgenootje toch volledig afstand neemt van alle mensen die haar gekwetst hebben in het verleden zodat er toch rust en vrede komt in ons gezinnetje. Dank U


  • Hi,

    I'm unemployed. Since April I got laid off from my last job. I'm a Software Engineer in Test based in Mexico, but I'm looking to move to Europe. Unfortunately, my search has been unsuccessful: I've sent my CV to many companies and I got ignored; sometimes I got a response from the HR recruiters, but they gave me answers like "your CV is impresive but we're going to continue with other candidates"/"You don't fit the requirements we look"; in some cases I got the screening interview with the recruiters, but then they decided to go with other candidates; in few cases, I think four, I got the technical interview after the HR interview, but they rejected me because I didn't fill their technical expectations. Being honest, it was very frustrating for me all of this, and I feel that my knowledge, and all the things I've done during my career, are useless.

    I'll appreciate your prayers for my current situation. I'm stressed and anxious about this situation. Really, I'm looking for something different and better in my professional life.

    Pray for me to get peace, joy and more faith and hope in God and in the capabilities/gifts he gave me to do the things, because most of the time I feel abandoned, with fear, without value and with lack of faith. I believe, but I need more faith.

    Thanks in advance for your prayers. God bless you, guys :) Have a great day!

    Best regards,
    Armando Cifuentes González


  • ?? Please God looking after my Niece Estefania and her 2 daughters Aghata 7, Tamara 10, my nice husband passed away suddenly in a tragic traffic accident returning to home from work, his kids and his wife Estefania are heartbroken ? in difficulties to believe in God cos make a beautiful family broken, a 2 young kids from a beautiful couple worked in social services for vulnerable people she is a psychologist for children in abusive situations, he was a psychologist for terminal’s patients;? she trying to get a good job at Spain government to warranty a support for her 2 kids alone ? be a single mum in a devastating situation when you loose your best friend, your lover, husband, first man in her life, is like take her heart out still alive. Please please please I beg for pray for this family and myself to get my home sweet home to recovery myself of abusive relationship.?? God bless you back??amen


  • Please, pray for Jason, Michele, and their families’ salvation. Jason doesn’t believe God exists and Michele doesn’t think he needs to have a personal relationship. Please pray that they are saved, they return to Tecla and I, and we follow God together. Thank you!


  • Pray for Matthew Parker may the lord come in my face full.
    The love he has for the Duisburg boys choir even though the older ones can be quite a mouthful,
    spending the afternoon creaming of with the other boys

    May the lord protect him

    Herr Lipp


  • Prayers for my brother Peter for strength to resist the urges of male prostitution.

    For Ernest to get out of his abusive relationships
    For James who while in a wheelchair is Always there to listen without judgement
    Keep him healthy and give her rest.
    For Stephen stating his new life on his potato farm.

    Lord, hear my prayers.


  • My girlfriend Kimberly pray for me that right now the doctors cure of her illness and that she responds to my Hotmail and Gmail messages comes onto messaging. And also please pray for me that Google terminates all scammers Google's accounts right now and bans them from Hangouts. Also please pray for me that right now WhatsApp permanently terminates all scammers accounts no longer allow them to use WhatsApp.


  • Hello. I ask for prayers for Tatiana. For our marriage. For our inner healing. May God give us the grace to forgive and not hold a grudge By my sight. Thank you very much for your prayers. I also ask for you. May God take care of you. Grant them the graces they need. Fill their hearts with your mercy. May the Holy Spirit heal you and grant you vocations. Amen. Thank you


  • Prayers for my brother John for strength and rest.


  • I want to do God´s desires in my life from now on and to discover his will for me right now. I also want to control my illnesses, only if possible, and in the same way my numerous chronic injuries. Amen