Radio Maria depends on the prayers, talents and energy of volunteers, whose missionary spirit is a burning flame for listeners. “Give and it will be given to you in abundance” (Lk 6,38). The heart of the volunteer must have the desire to help the Virgin Mary carry out her motherly work of peace and love. The spirit of volunteerism is a flame lit among all Radio Maria volunteers and listeners, including employees.

“The harvest is plentiful and the laborers few! (Lk 10.2). Experience shows that the generous welcome and joy of Radio Maria plants the good news of the Lord into the hearts of our listeners and produces a bounty of blessings

Being a missionary at Radio Maria means doing everything in our power to bring about the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ, the only Saviour. “Who welcomes you welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me welcomes him who sent me” ((Mt 10:40)



Mary needs you and steadily calls on new volunteers to participate in this work of evangelization. You can all, after having some training, become missionaries in your communities and further afield. This can be achieved by supporting the work in our studios in London and Cambridge but can also be achieved closer to your own home.

At Radio Maria England, there are several levels of volunteering commitments that can be adapted according to the time you have. Any support is fruitful and precious!




Volunteer RM England



/imagen  "I am involved as a volunteer with Radio Maria because I want to serve and support Radio Maria in a small way that I can. I hope more people will support RM England as its helping and reaching out a lot of people in need of God’s word and guidance. Of course, I will encourage people to listen to RM so that they will be inspired, grow in love and faith to God."



/imagen "I am involved with Radio Maria England as I believe that, as Catholics, we should utilise the available media to evangelise, to catechise and to encourage people in their faith. Radio Maria has a great variety of content, both teaching and devotional. My hopes are for us to reach out to more listeners, to encourage people in their faith and also to help people who are seeking full meaning in their lives. I would encourage people to listen. The liturgies and prayers help people direct their lives towards God. The various interviews and talks help introduce people to theology and to give flesh to the bones of their faith, and to introduce people to the richness of Catholic culture and identity."



/imagen "I heard about Radio Maria England through a lovely friend of mine, Maria Rosaria, who’s another volunteer. I wanted to be involved with Radio Maria because I recognized that there was such a need for a radio station like this – I know I certainly need it! I felt compelled to assist in its creation in any way. Myself and my family have all learned so much since becoming involved, and have been blessed in many, many special ways. I absolutely appreciate everyone who works so, so hard to maintain this wonderful organisation, and I would encourage people to join the Radio Maria England team of volunteers to help build this up even more – you definitely won’t regret it! I really would encourage people to listen, and I do, I mention it everywhere and to everyone! It’s not just for Catholics, it’s for the whole world, I’ve learned so much since becoming involved."